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Milestone No. M.1.1
Definition of: global technical requirements and operational specifications,

Milestone No. M.2.1
Preliminary numerical design of icephobic coatings
Milestone No. M.2.2
Optimization for a durable icephobic coating
Milestone No. M.2.3
DFT model for MD interatomic potential evaluation and macro and global- scales calculations

Milestone No. M.3.1
Comprehensive understanding of the surface icephobicity issues, identification of promising techniques, coatings, and surface features
Milestone No. M.3.2
Optimized process, scale up and technology demonstration

Milestone No. M.4.1
Selection of most promising coatings/modified surfaces for full-size icing wind tunnel and flight tests

Milestone No. M.5.1
Fabrication of selected full-size coated/modified component elements

Milestone No. M.6.1
Participation in an aeronautical trade- fair
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